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February 2017

Thu, 02/09/2017 - 10:26 -- GavinG
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I keep getting the question, "What is going on at Navy Sailing?" And that is a really good question. The Association is alive and well. At a national level, it has been pretty quiet.  We continue to upgrade the web site.  I know that member access has not been improving and the ability to do membership renewals and update personal information is still not there.  We want the branches to be able to manage their information on the web site with active useful links. We want members to be able to order chandlery items on line.

All that is in the works.  Please understand that we are a volunteer organization.  We all have real jobs.  Our office manager works just a few hours a week and may not be super fast to get back to you. Automating the web site was supposed to relieve the burden on the organization, and so far, has not had the intended result. 

I would like to encourage the branches to send in what they would like to appear on their tab. I can get it on there manually.  In the future that will be able to be managed by somebody at the branch.

Membership renewals are going out.  It is on a calendar basis, so it is time to renew if you have done an annual renewal in the past.  I would like to point out the option of donating $50 to the foundation, which will include a complimentary annual membership. It is not working great on line, so feel free to just download the form and mail it in. Multi-year memberships work great too.

That's it for now.  More next month about the NROTCs and what is happening to Navy sailing there. 

It was almost 70 degrees yesterday here in Annapolis.  I should have been on the water.  Snow today!

Gavin Giddings