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vets on the bay

Wounded Veterans and Their Families
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About Us

The US Naval Sailing Association – USNSA – is an organization of military-affiliated, predominantly Navy members, formed to promote fleet readiness, develop professionalism, develop a competitive spirit, and impart a love of the sea and skills that may be used in recreational opportunities throughout a life time using small craft training programs. We also encourage and assist Commanding Officers in promoting boating and sailing as part of their training and recreational programs. These missions are carried out through individual members and branches established on or near military bases worldwide.More...

Projects - Making a Difference

Sailing Instructor Courses being held in Short Stay, S.C.More ...

Vets on the Bay - Providing relief for wounded warriors and thier families

NROTC & NJROTC Sailing Programs - Providing financial, technical and asset support for schools’ sailing programs

All Services Single-Handed Championship - Competitive Saiilng for service members; winner goes on to participate in the National Single-Handed Championship

Operation Enduring Wind - Upgrading small boats and sails at military installations world-wide

Thank you to our project sponsors:
BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Southwest Airlines, Watermark Cruises, U.S. Yacht Shows Inc.


rescue at short stay



Help us fulfill the mission of Navy Sailing with your financial donation. Your contribution to the US Naval Association Foundation is tax-deductible and will go directly toward our projects to improve the life of US service members around the world. We welcome corporate sponsorships. More...


Membership is open to anyone who is capable and desirous of actively participating in, or making a significant contribution to, the objectives of the Association. Family memberships are available as are branch memberships. Branches are primarily military MWR marinas in the United States and abroad. More...


There are many opportunities to help with Navy Sailing Projects. One of the most gratifying is Vets on the Bay. Our volunteers say it is an honor to donate their time to wounded vets and their families. Make a difference... serve the young men and women who serve our country. Find out how...

USNSA in Action

usnsa foundation


* USNSA Sailing Instructor course at Manatee Cove Marina (Located at Patrick's Air Force Base, Florida. June 16-20, 2014. $375/person.

* 2014 Sailing Instructor Courses in Short Stay, S.C.  Read More ...

* BOATS FOR SALE!  See them here!

* Get half-off US Boating membership!  Read

Courageous on San Francisco Bay


The Navy 44 sailing vessel Courageous (pictured above) is now sailing proudly on San Francisco Bay! The story of how this proud sailing vessel became part of the sailing community on San Francisco Bay is documented here. .... More . . .

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We teach sailing and seamanship in the Navy to make competent seamen of our personnel, who will be the naval leaders of the future. We aren't interested in making yachtsmen of them. We encourage them to enter races in order to find an atmosphere which, like combat, stretches ability and endurance to the limit and allows character to emerge which can reach for that extra margin required for victory.

We send our personnel to sea to learn that most basic characteristic of a professional seaman: a deep-seated sense of humility in the face of nature and her master. Our objective is simple – to produce the best possible sailor or officer for the fleet.

Captain John B. Bonds, USN (Ret.)


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