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The US Naval Sailing Association – USNSA – is an organization of military-affiliated, predominantly Navy members, formed to promote fleet readiness, develop professionalism, develop a competitive spirit, and impart a love of the sea and skills that may be used in recreational opportunities throughout a life time using small craft training programs. We also encourage and assist Commanding Officers in promoting boating and sailing as part of their training and recreational programs. These missions are carried out through individual members and branches established on or near military bases worldwide Read More


October 17, 2014

Greetings members.  USNSA is alive and well.  Over the last year we have trained countless ROTC instructors and midshipmen, helped with the establishment of new branches (even for our Air Force friends!), and provided training and support to the branches across the globe.  We are thrilled to be launching our new communications and training site -  The makeover has been long in coming and the focus is on providing a site that will have resources for members especially functionality to allow members a level of self service access to ease the management of sailing qualifications.

I also want to highlight our Facebook page - yes Facebook!  The Facebook page can be accessed by non-Facebook members as a way to get the latest and greatest on Navy sailing.  For those that have access we encourage you to post information that you feel is helpful to all of our members - events, great marinas in the ICW, friendly clubs that welcome USNSA members, great stories of heroism, riding out storms and other such sea stories - by definition you do not have to let truth get in the way of a great sea story!  Also on Facebook you can access the link to purchase USNSA gear through CafePress - please check it out.

Finally if you have interest in becoming the Executive Director of the US Naval Sailing Foundation or a Board member of the Foundation or the Association please let us know. We are an all volunteer force and any and all enthusiastic support and participation is... read more

Accolades from our Members

Robert Mcwethy

The USNSA started as a primarily active duty organization with the Norfolk Naval Sailing Association and then the idea to link with a few other Navy sailing clubs already existing.  CAPTs Jake Vandergrift and "Cy" Rotrige ChC based their concept on the Royal Naval Sailing Association which was 25 years old by 1962.  I became involved initially as Commodore of NNSA.  CAPT Bob Steele was an author of the constitution and bylaws.  Dues were two dollars a year.  I relieved then RADM Rotrige as... Read More

Stories from Our Members, Partners and Friends

Gavin Giddings

On January 17, 2012 at approximately 11:49 am, Richard Hahn, Assistant Manager of Short Stay Recreation Center, notice a white overturned boat in the water with two individuals on top of it. Mr. Hahn immediately called Matt Vacher, of Short Stay Marina, who immediately gathered together Sailors from NNPTC, MM3 Chandler Mazure, MM3 Justin Keene, ET3 Sharon Duncan and MM3 Juan Avelar to go out Hahn on the rescue boat.

As they approached the scene, they saw one elderly gentleman on the overturned boat and one in the water. Both were not wearing any life jackets and were in/on the freezing water for about 2 hours. MM3 Keene threw life vests to the two gentlemen to preserve their safety. The man on the overturned boat was able to climb onto the rescue boat with minimal help. However, the man in the water needed assistant from MM3 Avelar, MM3 Mazure and ET3 Duncan to haul him from the water onto the rescue boat. They noticed that both rescued men were suffering from hyperthermia. Hahn, Mazure and Ducan provided some of their own clothing to them to try and keep them warm. In the meantime, Mr. Hahn coordinated...


USNSA Projects

See a complete list of Current and Up-Coming Sailing Instructor Courses by Clicking Here.

USNSA provides financial support to branches offering sailing camps for children, adult sailing education and outreach programs for inner city youths.

A project targeted to upgrade small sailboats and sailboards used for recreational sailing in MWR programs supporting our troops engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom.


There are many opportunities to help with Navy Sailing Projects. One of the most gratifying is Vets On The Bay.  Our volunteers say it is an honor to donate their time to wounded vets and their families. Make a difference... serve the young men and women who serve our country. Find out how . . .