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The US Naval Sailing Association – USNSA – is an organization of military-affiliated, predominantly Navy members, formed to promote fleet readiness, develop professionalism, develop a competitive spirit, and impart a love of the sea and skills that may be used in recreational opportunities throughout a life time using small craft training programs. We also encourage and assist Commanding Officers in promoting boating and sailing as part of their training and recreational programs. These missions are carried out through individual members and branches established on or near military bases worldwide Read More

Accolades from our Members

Robert Mcwethy

The USNSA started as a primarily active duty organization with the Norfolk Naval Sailing Association and then the idea to link with a few other Navy sailing clubs already existing.  CAPTs Jake Vandergrift and "Cy" Rotrige ChC based their concept on the Royal Naval Sailing Association which was 25 years old by 1962.  I became involved initially as Commodore of NNSA.  CAPT Bob Steele was an author of the constitution and bylaws.  Dues were two dollars a year.  I relieved then RADM Rotrige as... Read More

Stories from Our Members, Partners and Friends


The Navy 44 sailing vessel Courageous (pictured below) is now sailing proudly on San Francisco Bay! The story of how this proud sailing vessel became part of the sailing community on San Francisco Bay is documented here.

Until recently, Courageous was part of a group of boats designed to Navy specifications for use as Sail Training Craft (STC) to train Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., in skills such as leadership, discipline and teamwork. A newer version of the Navy 44 (referred to as the "Mark II") was developed to replace the existing training fleet and Courageous was declared surplus.

A group of bay-area volunteers became aware of this situation and formed a not-for-profit organization called The Fort Baker Maritime Group (FBMG.) All were retired Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard members. This group saw the opportunity to attract a Navy 44 to San Francisco Bay where she could continue her traditional mission of training future Navy and Marine Officers, help in the recruitment of young men and women into the Sea Services plus "Show the Flag" at public events. They also saw an opportunity to provide members of the Armed Forces with...

USNSA Projects

See a complete list of Current and Up-Coming Sailing Instructor Courses by Clicking Here.

USNSA provides financial support to branches offering sailing camps for children, adult sailing education and outreach programs for inner city youths.

A project targeted to upgrade small sailboats and sailboards used for recreational sailing in MWR programs supporting our troops engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom.


There are many opportunities to help with Navy Sailing Projects. One of the most gratifying is Vets On The Bay.  Our volunteers say it is an honor to donate their time to wounded vets and their families. Make a difference... serve the young men and women who serve our country. Find out how . . .